Origination Searches

Origination Searches that Deliver

An Alternative and A Complementary Deal Source

Would you and your group prefer avoiding intensely competitive, costly, and time-consuming auctions?  Harborside’s Buy-Side Group is both an alternative and a complementary deal source.  We put you in control.  You choose the market sectors, the criteria, and the strategy that best achieves your objectives, and we assure you this:

Every opportunity is proprietary.

Every opportunity reflects your criteria.

We work to a timeline.

Delivering on Criteria and Objectives

Harborside Search Group provides thesis-driven origination search services where the investment objectives and criteria are well defined. Searches are designed exclusively for you and implemented to deliver on your unique acquisition criteria, and objectives.

An Outstanding Team That Understands Your Objectives

The Harborside team members are deal-sourcing professionals with outstanding backgrounds in M&A, private equity, senior-level management, and years of successful sourcing. That experience ideally positions us to understand the search thesis, objectives, and the preferences of those we serve:

  • Private Equity Groups
  • Family Offices
  • Independent Sponsors
  • Corporate Clients

Our Team’s Approach

For each engagement, our research team develops a profile and assessment of the industry sector to include sector participants and optimum targets.That detailed analysis initiates a process that includes our Multi-Channel/Multi-Touch process, our relationship-driven approaches to prospect meetings, continued prospect assessment, and select prospect/client meetings leading to LOI’s.

What You Can Expect with Harborside

We Will Understand

The thesis, criteria, individual preference and deliver accordingly.

Confidentiality is Always Maintained

Confidentiality is always maintained and adapted to each client’s comfort.

We Are Professional

Count on it.

If We Commit to an Engagement, We Deliver

We only commit to engagements where we can deliver.

We Work with Urgency

We work with urgency, to a timeline, and report progress weekly.

We Work Cooperatively

We work cooperatively and complement any existing business development.

Search Parameters


  • $15M+ in Annual Revenue
  • $3M+ in Annual EBIDTA


  • No Minimum Annual Revenue
  • No Minimum Annual EBIDTA

We consider profiles outside these ranges as well as special-situation searches.

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