For Owners Considering Selling.

For Buyers Searching for Businesses.

Harborside M&A Advisory… For Owners Selling Their Business

Harborside M&A Advisory introduces sellers to buyers that are among North America’s most qualified and active buyers. Based on the profile of the seller’s business, select buyers are considered for evaluation, initial discussions, and as applicable a subsequent meeting with the seller. This process avoids public, time-consuming processes and is routinely quick, quiet, confidential, minimally disruptive and the seller is always in control.

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Harborside Buy-Side Group… For Investors and Buyers of Businesses

The Harborside Buy-Side Origination Group provides an array of origination search services delivering proprietary opportunities, to our client’s specification, and on a timeline. Clients avoid costly, time-consuming auctions, are always current on our progress, are in control, and we deliver.

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If you are a business owner we have contacted.

As a business owner, we understand that you field many calls. If we contacted you, it was on behalf of one of our clients who has asked us confidentiality to convey our client’s interests to you. We are not randomly shopping for sellers but are looking to start a dialogue with you on our client’s behalf, concerning their interest in your business. 

Our clients manage significant investment funds that buy and invest in businesses.  For this and other reasons, our contact can be meaningful. If there is an interest in following up, we welcome your call. We will be entirely confidential and candid as to the purpose of our contact, the name of our client, and any details.