For Owners Considering Selling…

Exploring the Sale of Your Business

If you are the owner of a company and find yourself here, it may be the result of a contact from Harborside , a referral from an advisor, or you may be proactively exploring how to a find highly qualified buyer. We introduce highly qualified and motivated buyers, with capital, and an interest in your company.

When You Are Ready

When you are ready to proceed, we will work with you to understand your company, provide guidance as to the process, and provide direct access as well as an introduction to a select buyer(s) with a specific interest in and appreciation of your company.

Qualified Buyers Interested in Your Company

Harborside M&A Advisory supports business owners in achieving their objectives of selling their business to a highly qualified buyer, and in the market valuation range envisioned. If you are considering selling, we are confident that you will find our approach highly aligned with your interests and your best strategy for achieving your objectives.

The Buyers You Will Meet

The investors we select and introduce are among the most active in North America. Additionally, they have a high level of interest in deploying capital through acquiring or investing in businesses. We know the groups we introduce, we understand their approaches and culture, and we are confident in our introductions. Most are from the following:

  • Private Equity Groups
  • Family Offices
  • Independent Sponsors
  • Select Corporate

There Are Buyers for Your Company

The capital managed by the groups we introduce varies widely nominally, ranging from $50 million to $3 billion. Each group has specific investment and acquisition agendas, and there is a wide array of interests as to company sizes, sectors, and strategies. Most prefer strong management and understand that some sellers may prefer staying or departing at some point. There is typically a preference for keeping the Company intact and in its current location.

This is what We Will Do for You

We will manage and facilitate meetings and help in driving outcomes to achieve your objectives.



We will introduce a buyer(s) that is financially qualified and has a verified interest in your business, based on the information provided and on the buyer’s specific investment interests.


We will meet with you to understand your business, including its market, prospects, operations, and financials. We also need to understand your objectives and your valuation range expectations.

Overview Creation

A professional Company Overview will be compiled, with your collaboration, to provide prospective buyers with a high-level understanding of the business and Company.

Document Assistance

We will assist you in determining the information and documentation needed for compiling the Overview.

Post-Sale Guidance

If there are after-sale concerns, we will introduce a buyer positioned to accommodate those concerns.


Confidentiality is always maintained. Prospective buyers will always sign NDAs.

Zero Cost

There are no Harborside transaction fees. Buyers pay the Harborside fees.

Our Approach

Whether you are interested in selling all or a portion of your Company, we can provide guidance and options given your specific objectives. The Harborside approach is about alignment. We work to understand your goals and your Company, and we then prepare to present your Company professionally and introduce interested buyers having a confirmed interest based on our discussions and their fit.

An Invitation

If you are the owner of a business and are consider selling or are just proactively exploring the best means of finding highly qualified buyers, we welcome a confidential conversation. We are glad to explain our process and why it is routinely a Quick, Quiet, Confidential, and Minimally Disruptive Transaction and results in the valuation range sellers expect.

If your preference is to explore options in a casual conversation or are committed to a short timeline, we will customize our process around your needs.  We understand that most business owners are not experienced in selling a company and have many questions accordingly. For that reason, we are glad to have a confidential discussion with you and take you through our process and answer any questions. Our office and mobile number are below. You are welcome to call any time or contact us by email.

Gary Hull, President

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