We are positioned to help sellers



If you are the owner of a company and are reading this web site, it may be the result of a contact from Harborside Capital or you may have been referred by an advisor or other referral source; perhaps you are proactively exploring how best to find highly qualified buyers for your company. We are confident you will find Harborside’s approach to facilitating sale transactions to be highly aligned with your interests and very likely your best strategy for selling your company. We appreciate your interest. 

Harborside's process supports sellers
As a buy-side mergers and acquisitions origination firm conducting acquisition searches on behalf of Private Equity, Family Offices and Corporate buyers, we are aligned with leading buyers and investors throughout the US and Canada. All have deployable capital and a high level of interest in deploying that capital.

We routinely meet with these groups, many of whom are clients, in the interest of maintaining an in-depth understanding of their interests and approaches to acquisitions. It is through this understanding and our relationships that we are uniquely positioned to introduce buyers that will have an interest in a particular company’s sector, revenue, profitability, geography, management style, culture and prospects.

It is our knowledge of buyers’ interests and our selectively choosing the companies we introduce that makes Harborside a prime source for facilitating introductions to buyers. This leads to sales transactions that are quick, quiet, confidential and at terms to which owners aspire.

Owners exploring Selling

Our unique approach to helping each owner sell his or her company is to facilitate a transaction where Harborside's interests and the interests of the seller are highly aligned.

  • Buyers are always serious buyers with documented interests
  • Buyers have resources with most managing $150 million to $1 billion
  • Buyers will have the ability to efficiently conclude a transaction
  • Our conversations will be confidential and we will sign a confidentiality agreement 
  • Where there are after-sale concerns, a like-minded buyer will be introduced
  • We provide guidance on documentation and will manage buyer introductions

No cost to you. As a buy-side origination firm, our transaction fees are paid by our buyers.

If you were contacted by Harborside

Our inquiries are serious

We understand that owners receive many calls.  Harborside does not, however, contact company owners unless it is on behalf of one of our clients.  If you have been contacted or referred, it is because a Harborside client is interested in establishing a discreet dialogue and has asked that you be contacted on their behalf.

A significant contact

The capital managed by each of our private equity and family office clients ranges from $150 million to $1 billion.  As a result, our interest in those we contact is significant.

A confidential conversation

We welcome the opportunity for a confidential discussion.   If you were contacted by Harborside, we will provide a complete and candid explanation for our contact.  As an owner who may possibly be considering selling your company, we will provide a sense of the options available given your objectives and answer any questions you may have.