Searches Uniquely Supporting Investors

Search Strategies and Approaches

Thesis-Driven Platform/Add-On Searches

Where the investment strategy is specific, and the search criteria is well-defined, our searches focus on identifying and delivering opportunities that accommodate and advance the investment thesis.

Comprehensive Platform and Add-On Scenarios

Where an investment thesis includes acquiring a platform and one or multiple add-ons, searches can engage at any point with an earlier start delivering the most value and efficiency. Add-on approaches can be aggressively paced or delivered to a schedule. Typical engagement points:

  • At the conception of the investment thesis
  • Before or after the platform investment
  • Anytime through the add-on process

Opportunistic Searches

Where search criteria are general but well defined, we conduct select retained searches for opportunistic and proprietary opportunities.

Sector Search for CEO to Lead Build-Out

Where there is interest in an aggressive, sector build-out that includes identifying an experienced industry executive to lead the build-out, we conduct searches for that leader. The research, prospect understandings, and current relationships developed in the leader search, ideally positions us to quickly initiate platform and add-on searches in support of the build-out.

Ongoing Client Support

Retainer-Based Search Clients

Harborside’s retained search clients have access to all opportunities generated by searches conducted on their behalf. Clients also have access to ongoing opportunities as Harborside Club members.

Harborside Club Members

Clients and former clients are members. Members have priority access and right of first refusal to opportunities identified by both our Buy-Side Group and our M&A Advisory Group, where clients or designated buyers have passed.

Retainers: Our Commitments

  • Retainers are typically six-month in duration and repaid upon the successful closing of opportunities we sourced. 
  • Should a search result in a client not meeting with a prospect, or visiting a prospect’s site, we rebate the retainer.