The Harborside Difference

What we do

Harborside Capital is a Mergers and Acquisition Advisory Firm serving both acquirers of companies and company owners in support of their acquisition, divestiture and growth objectives.  

For acquirers of companies, we conduct acquisition searches to identify prospective acquisitions and, as applicable, facilitate those acquisitions. Additionally, Harborside provides acquisition opportunities to buyers, with whom we are affiliated, where the owners are proactively seeking buyers.

For owners interested in selling a company, we provide access to North America’s most active buyers of companies.  Buyers that, as a group, have a wide array of industry interests, committed capital and a high level of interest in deploying that capital through acquisitions.

Our Areas of Concentration

Harborside is unique in that it has three areas of concentration all of which are closely interconnected and complimentary with each specialty serving the interests of the other two.  Our model drives a greater focus on our primary business model of providing acquisition opportunities for our buyers and facilitating owners selling their companies.    

Harborside’s main areas of concentration

  • Buy-Side Origination Searches for Private Equity, Family Offices and Corporate Buyers where Harborside conducts searches for proprietary opportunities that are both targeted and opportunistic

  • Sales of companies to buyers where Harborside confidentially introduces the opportunity to those select buyers, with whom Harborside is affiliated, that have a documented interest in the company’s profile.  

Our Founding Team

Harborside Capital Resources President was a founding partner of Summer Street Capital Partners in Buffalo, NY, a private equity firm managing over $450 million and investing in profitable $20-150 million revenue companies in the US and Canada. After 16 years as a Business Development Partner, Gary spun out of Summer Street and formed Harborside Capital Resources, LLC with a focus on helping company owners sell their companies to private equity firms, family office investors and corporate buyers and providing origination search services for private equity firms, family offices and corporate buyers. Click here to read the executive team bio's.